Kiran Menon & Tanya Issar, are busy executives by day and musicians by night. Having been in the corporate world for over 15 years each - it was time to give their musical meanderings a go. And so, while 9 to 5 continues, the musical notes are put down from 5 to 9 :) 

However, we did not just wanna make music. We wanted it to be a vehicle, a message for something we care about. For something we think needs more voices supporting it. And especially our voices - cause we felt so keenly about it. 


"Music is our passion. It gives me a creative energy that I do not get from any where else. I often find myself creating a melody and then beginning to jump up and down to it, ideas flowing on what could be put down next. And that'e the joy I yearn for and want to feel every day in front of my gear in front of my DAW seeing those tracks being laid out - one by one." 

- Kiran Menon


Our goal, from day one - was to create music that we loved and hopefully others would love too. 

However, our music needed to carry a message. A message about something that was close to us. Each song needed to enforce that message. Each track needed to make sure that those emotions were addressed. 

And that's why, our music and our tracks all focus on building awareness of the world around us. The environment. The ecology that we are so closely tied to. 

We live with the world around us. We have to live as one. With the mountains, streams, oceans, animals, plants ... And some how we forget how our daily actions have such a deep bearing on the end result of this planet. 

Our music hopes to inspire thought and contemplation in every one who listens to it - even if only for a few seconds.